Chemigem Chemical Dosing Systems

We can now supply the full range of Chemigem automatic acid and chlorine dosing systems for domestic and commercial swimming pools. Parts and accessories also available. The Chemigem tests the water continuously and can add chemicals over 30 times each hour. The Chemigem measures both pH (a measure of the acidity of the pool water) and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential – a measure of the level of effective chlorine in the water), and adds chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in. Chemigem D10

Chemigem D10 Controller

The D10 controller provides advanced measure and control for domestic pools and spas. With sophisticated sensors and software programming the sanitiser and pH levels are continuously monitored and adjusted to your swimming pool or spa’s requirements.
D10 - ORP & PH Controller Call
D10P12V - ORP & PH Controller with 12V pump Call
D10PH - PH Controller Call
D10CL - ORP Controller Call
See Chemigem website for specifications.

Chemigem CM55 Controller

The CM55 controller provides advanced measure and control for commercial pools. A variety of configuration options are available.
See Chemigem website for specifications.

Chemigem Controller Spare Parts

A full range of spare parts are available for the D10 and CM55 controllers including:
  • Electrodes
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Tapping Bands & Injectors
  • Tubing
  • Filters
  • Circuit Board
  • Dosing Pump Parts
  • Persistalic Pump Parts
  • and other miscellaneous spares
See Chemigem website for specifications.

Saltigem Automatic Salt Chlorinator

Saltigem uses an innovative process-based digital timer instead of an old-fashioned mechanical timer. The Saltigem can tell you if salt levels are too low, or if adjustments to running cycles need to be made due to seasonal temperature fluctuations. The Saltigem will periodically reverse its cell polarity to keep the cell clean. This takes place automatically, and increases the efficiency and life of the cell. This Saltigem option allows you to control the pH of your salt water pool automatically. Saltigem comes with an optional timer outlet for your pool lighting system.
SG20 Call
SG30 Call

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